Data policy

Data policy
Elthamians CC takes the protection of the data we hold about you as a member seriously and are committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice explains how we may use and protect the personal data we obtain about you and your rights in respect of your personal data.

Categories of personal data we collect

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details of your parent of guardian
  • Your School
  • Contact details of the young player if provided
  • Your participation confirmation
  • Your video/photography preference
  • Your membership declaration and signature if submitted via paper form
  • Emergency contact details information
  • Medical information

We obtain personal data from:

  • The parent/legal guardian registering a child to join the club
  • The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
  • Leagues
  • County Boards
  • Club coaches / leaders

Automated decisions we may take

  • The Club will not take any automated decisions about you.

Purposes for which we process personal data

  • The Club will process the personal data for:
  • Administering your application for membership of the Club
  • Administering bookings and attendance at sessions
  • Dealing with medical needs/specific requirements
  • Supporting the delivery of cricket sessions
  • Training and competition entry
  • Reporting of participation and any incidents and of figures and trends (including equality and inclusion information)
  • Quality and improvement monitoring

Who we will disclose your personal data to

  • Leagues where you have been nominated for / agree to play for a League
  • The ECB where you are registered for or express an interest in an ECB programme
  • The County Cricket Board that supports the local Cricket Club whose programmes you have registered for
  • Coaches and junior co-ordinators for administrating training sessions
  • Volunteers who work at cricket clubs/venues to support the delivery of sessions

Legal basis for processing your personal data
The legal basis for the collection and processing of your personal data is:

  • for administration and delivery of cricket coaching and matches: that it is necessary to fulfil the contract that you are going to enter into or have entered into with us
  • for dealing with medical needs: that you have given your explicit consent or in the child’s vital interests.
  • in all other cases: that it is necessary for our legitimate interests which are to encourage participation in cricket and does not prejudice or harm rights and freedoms of parents / guardians or the children that join the programme.

Your right to withdraw consent
Where you have given your consent to any processing of personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. If you do, it will not affect the lawfulness of any processing for which we had consent prior to your withdrawing it.

Location of your personal data
The Club will keep your personal data within the European Economic Area.

How long we will keep your personal data for
We will not retain your personal data for longer than is reasonable and necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. We shall retain your personal data for such time as you are registered with Elthamians CC as a member. 2 years after you cease to be a member or play an active part in the club, we shall delete your data excepting that needed to keep historical scorecard and statistical records

Your rights in respect of your personal data
You have the right of access to your personal data and, in some cases, to require us to restrict, erase or rectify it or to object to our processing it, and the right of data portability.

If you have any concerns or complaints about how we are handling your data, please or wish to exercise any of your rights do not hesitate to get in touch with the Membership Secretary or Club Chairman (details on contacts page). You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (details can be found at www.ico.org.uk).

Terms and Conditions

Code Of Conduct [Seniors]

  • Elthamians Cricket Club is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and conduct. The Code of Conduct incorporates the 'Spirit of Cricket', as set out below. It applies to all matches played under the auspices of the ECB and may be applied to cricket in general.
  • The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the 'Spirit of Cricket' as well as within the Laws of Cricket.
  • Players and team officials must at all times accept the umpire's decision. Players must not show dissent at the umpire's decision or react in a provocative or disapproving manner towards an umpire at any time.
  • Players and officials shall not intimidate or attempt to intimidate or assault an umpire, another player or spectator.
  • Players and team officials shall not use crude or abusive language (known as 'sledging') nor make offensive gestures or hand signals or deliberately distract an opponent.
  • Players and team officials shall not make any racially abusive comments nor indulge in racially abusive actions against fellow players, officials, members and spectators. Clubs must operate an active open door membership policy whilst respecting player qualification regulations and welcome players/members irrespective of ethnic origin.
  • Players and team officials shall not use or in any way be concerned in the use or distribution of illegal drugs.
  • Clubs must take adequate steps to ensure good behaviour of members and supporters towards players and umpires.

Code Of Conduct [Juniors]

All Members and Guests* of this Cricket Club will:

  • Adhere to the Spirit of Cricket at all times
  • Treat everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief
  • Display high standards of behaviour and actively discourage unfair play and rule violations
  • Encourage all participants to learn the Laws and rules and play within them, always respecting the decisions of match officials
  • Recognise good performance not just match results. Parents and players should be gracious in victory and accept defeat sensibly and with dignity.
  • Never force your child to play or openly criticise their performance.
  • Take responsibility for organising your child’s transport to away fixtures.
  • When selected for a match, ensure your child arrives by the stated time. If there is a problem let the manager know as soon as possible.
  • Support your coaches and never attempt to coach or move a fielder during play.
  • Consider if you can assist the club with a volunteering role e.g. coaching, teas, scoring, umpiring etc.
  • Place the well-being and safety of children above the development of performance
  • Not smoke, drink or use banned substances while working with children in the club
  • All language used should be appropriate to the situation. Children learn best by example; all adults should be a positive role model.
  • Follow ECB guidelines setup out in the ‘Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children’ and any other relevant guidelines issued
  • Report any concerns in relation to a child, following reporting procedures laid down by the ECB

* Members and guests include all parents, members and officers of the cricket club and all guests of those members and officers, as well as all individuals who watch/attend/participate/officiate in matches hosted by the club in whatever capacity