Club Memberships And Joining Instructions 2 of 2

2. Detailed Junior Registration Instructions

Download the Pitchero App for you device

  1. Open the App
  2. Follow the in-app instructions
  3. **IMPORTANT** Join as a parent BEFORE adding children

Once Approved you will have full access to the applications features.

  1. First thing to do is check the registration details for you and your child[ren]
  2. Tap the three horizonal lines on the bottom right of the app
  3. Tap My Account
  4. Check your details and your child's
  5. Update if required before proceeding to purchase Junior Annual Membership
  6. Select the trolley icon
  7. Select Junior Annual Membership for Single, Two or Three Children (donation options also available)
  8. Tap Buy and select the child [ren] who you are paying membership for
  9. Click next to follow the payment instructions


Steps to register

  1. Click Join at the top right of the screen
  2. **IMPORTANT** - Join as a Parent first
  3. Complete your details and hit ‘Join this Club’
  4. Tick the boxes on the next page to agree to the club policies which are available from the links on the page
  5. Confirm you are not a Robot and move to the next step. If you are a robot you will not be able to proceed ;-)
  6. **IMPORTANT** - Select the ‘Parent’ role only (unless you are also a player) and proceed to the next step
  7. Add your Childs name and team (if you are unsure on the team please select the most appropriate this can be updated later)
  8. The account will then be created and an email will be sent to you to confirm your email address

Update more detailed information

  1. Click the login button
  2. Got to ‘Your Account’
  3. Your information and your Childs will be displayed
  4. Please update as much information as possible - Particularly contact details and medical conditions

Buy Membership

  1. Browse to our Shop in the main navigation
  2. Select Junior Annual Membership
  3. Select the number of Children you want to purchase membership (donation option is available)
  4. Select the child[ren] for whom you are purchasing membership
  5. Select next and proceed to payment details

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any issues with signing up or purchasing membership.